PICROW is a hybrid multimedia house that is equal parts production company, creative studio, and post facility. Armed with directors, up-and-coming digital talent, and a staff of creatives devoted to both production and development, Picrow creates content — from commercials and digital media to film and television.

And — as Adam Gross and Peter Lang will tell you, Pictures in a Row was born in 1995 in an apartment above Sunset Blvd., outgrew that, moved to John Wayne's old office in Hollywood, outgrew that, and now lives in the place where Marilyn Monroe got her picture taken, and the Enterprise (Captain Kirk's) took a lick or two in the 60s — some pics of the place appear above (thanks Keith Greco, Electra Lang, Al Miyares, Aaron Keuhn, Eric Borne, and some Peter L. for how it looks).



Peter Lang   Electra Lang   Gregory Nussbaum
Benjamin Nussbaum Joel Ball   Lisa Rucker
Marc Silver   Margaret Malandruccolo   Zachary Nussbaum   Matthew Twomey
Robert Mata   David Henry Gerson   Jacky Liang   Maggie Suter


Picrow — Pictures in a Row — makes films, television, and commercials of all kinds. It’s a place where people think and talk about film — where Godard and Renoir matter and Jean Luc isn’t an interior designer.

Of course it’s a tricky business, all this, but there is art in the business and that's that.

736 Seward Street

Hollywood CA 90038

tel: 323.957.5400

fax: 323.957.5405


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