Marc Silver

A Life on Hold

An intimate portrait of a 17 year old stranded in a refugee camp since the 2011 war in Libya.

Inside Comayagua Prison

This footage is dedicated to the 359 men who lost their lives in the fire that swept through the Comayagua prison, Honduras, on February 14th 2012. — Amnesty International

What would you take?

Lines in Potentis — Ben Okri

There Are No Others

A short film about the power of crowds, music by Ben Frost


Live performance video of Oum's new single 'Whowa' shot in Morocco

Lik Rehearsal

Oum and Don Bigg rehearsing the track "Lik"

Ageless Sex

A short film about the power of sexual freedom.

Live in Paris — Jamie Collum

Mixtape filmed live in Paris

Don't Stop the Music — Jamie Cullum

The exploding piano music video which provided the assets for all media for 'The Pursuit'