Benjamin Nussbaum

Websites — Intuit

Unforgettable Mansfield Family — Disney

A truly unforgettable moment. When Shaylee was 3 years old she discovered the magic of Disney when Tinkerbell greeted her in sign language.

Pants — Verizon

This is a commercial about putting on pants.


Pretty much every member of the crew did a Yoda impression while shooting this.

Pirates — Disney

Spoiler alert: there's a monkey in this spot.

Door to Door — MCI 10-10-987

Welcome Back Mrs Rose — UMHS

Wakeup Call — BTEP

Get Along — Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants

Land of Adventure — LegoLand

Noise Factory — AT&T

Canon — VW

What is Fram — FRAM

Waterpark — LEGOLAND

Office — AT&T