Benjamin Nussbaum


Benjamin graduated with a degree in computer science from Boston College, and even though he doesn't remember anything about JavaScript or C++, he does like referring to himself as a "scientist" whenever possible. He began his career 16 years ago as an editor, and still loves cutting his own stuff — always working with an eye toward how everything will come together. He is a founding member of the directing collective "The Hall" and is a big fan of collaboration in the creative process. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their 9-year-old son who can officially beat him in Mario Kart (which is super depressing). Oh, he also won a Telly Award, which a recent houseguest mistook for an Oscar, and he didn't exactly correct them before changing the subject.
Unforgettable Mansfield Family

Unforgettable Mansfield Family — Disney


Pants — Verizon



Valentines Day Event

Valentines Day Event — Magic the Gathering


Pirates — Disney

Noise Factory

Noise Factory — AT&T

What is Fram

What is Fram — FRAM


Websites — Intuit

Welcome Back Mrs Rose

Welcome Back Mrs Rose — UMHS

Door to Door

Door to Door — MCI 10-10-987

Wakeup Call

Wakeup Call — BTEP

Get Along

Get Along — Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants

Land of Adventure

Land of Adventure — LegoLand


Canon — VW


Waterpark — LEGOLAND


Office — AT&T