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Picrow Featured on Frame.io

The Picrow office — what we like to think of as a mix of old Hollywood glamour, the erudition of Oxford's Bodleian Library, and an overgrown Elvish tree house — was recently featured on Frame.io. The collaborative video-editing platform regularly posts film and editing inspiration ranging from the scheduling strategies of SNL Editor Adam Epstein to the footage sharing tactics of the makers of IFC's Documentary Now. And lo and behold, amidst all of their work to make collaboration that much easier, you can find a glossy 30-plus image layout of our crib. Scroll through the images to get a feel for the place we call home, from the library, to the production suites, to the trees and koi that hold us in place. And if you look closely you might also gain a little insight into our hardware, our canine collaborators, and our reading lists.

Here’s the link for Frame.io.

Tiffany Caprice Joins Picrow

We couldn't be happier to announce that Tiffany Caprice has joined the Picrow team as the Head of Marketing and New Business Development. Caprice comes to us by way of Sanford Casting and Dan Bell Cast. But she is no stranger; she previously assisted Picrow in casting the decade-long branding campaign for USAA Insurance and is now back to continue collaboration with our Founder/Director Peter Lang. Caprice is especially keen on working with our turnkey production collective The Hall.

Picrow and Disney’s Yellow Shoes win twice at the 2017 LA Addys

Unforgettable — winner of Gold award for television commercial campaign.

Directors, The Hall: Ben Nussbaum, Joe Remerowski, Charles Son;
Producer, Lauren Cynkar;
Editors, Gregory Nussbaum, Ben Nussbaum, Joe Remerowski, Charles Son

Mickey Around The World won bronze in the integrated branded content category.

Directors, The Hall: Ben Nussabaum, Joe Remerowski, Charles Son;
Producer, Sharon Groh
Editor, Gregory Nussbaum

Seen at Willow Springs and on the Stage at Picrow

This is not a gazette: René Magritte at the Pompidou Center

If you’re in France, the images are still treacherous —

#HappyBirthdayMickey Reaches Over 7 million Views!

5.4 million on Facebook

1.88 million on YouTube

Picrow Goes on a World Tour with Mickey

The Hall shot its way around the world with Mickey Mouse. Check out Mickey’s Birthday Trip Around the World 2016 — over 5 million views in 5 days and now more than 7 million. Seven countries, 18 days, dancing in every town — Los Angeles, Shanghai, Kyoto, Rome, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Cuzco. Happy Birthday Mickey!

One Way Or Another

Fortune Favors the Brave


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Adams House

Books on the Wall

Pomegranate Limb