SourceEcreative just posted an announcement of our favorite new Pictures in a Row director, Andrew French.  They quote French as saying, “On my first visit to Pictures in a Row I noticed that all the walls, offices and conference rooms were lined with beautiful floor-to-ceiling shelves. On these shelves, in row after row, were thousands of things I had never seen in a production company before—books.”  French is funny, and also this is true and one of our favorite parts about the office!  Thanks to Peter’s professor father, we have TONS of amazing books. Sometimes it is a little distracting for those of us who are a little too attracted to those page-y bodies, but it makes for a pretty gorgeous environment to work in, I must say.  We love books almost as much as artist Paulus Octavious, whose work as you can see below, uses the pages a little differently.  Maybe next time we need a little inspiration on one of our projects, we can take a hint from Octavious and put these books to different and unexpected usage.