Tonight, PicRowers are joining together for drinks, dancing, and, if Kate Palmer is there, some long overdo chanting at the Hollywood Canteen. Don’t let the website fool you into thinking this place is celeb central. Unless you count Charles Son as a celeb, then I haven’t seen a single one. Nothing’s better on a Friday night than walking the half block down Seward Street to be greeted by your favorite bartenders (and Gizli the blowfish), knowing the plush couches are all ready for relaxation time.

If you’re in the area or in the mood for a cocktail and a chat with some of Hollywoods brightest post house peeps, stop by and see us. You’ll find us in the old outdoor John Malkovich-esque trailer/VIP area, equipped with fish tanks. I guess we just get used to being surrounded by our fishy friends. (Koi pond in courtyard).

And for those who venture into the wee hours of the night, a dart game at the Cat and the Fiddle (near old PicRow office on Sunset Boulevard) and/or a trip to McDonalds for a dose of McNuggets is just the trick!

I also hear Mandy might be gracing us with her presence, maybe for a quick mojito at Xiomara first? Only time will tell, see you there!