pictures in a row-ask a book
 Dear Book From The PicRow Library, 

I’m going to shoot a commercial with the Red One at 2k, using the external Red Drive as a hard-disk.  Then I’ll edit with Final Cut Pro.  Since I’m going to  work with the online material, I am wondering which kind of compression is the best to achieve best quality with small file size.  I saw that the uncompressed 10bit is 123 mb/s and my Macbook Pro won’t render that every time that I make a change.  The Apple ProRes seems like a good option, but I’m not sure.  Also, do I need a particular plug-in in order to capture the footage from the Red One?  What do you think?

–Concerned in Covina

Dear Concerned,

Much in animal behavior substantiates the notion that strong emotions evolved chiefly in mammals and to a lesser extent in birds.  The attachment of domestic animals to humans is, I think, beyond question. The apparent sorrowful behavior of many mammalian mothers when their young are removed is well-known.  One wonders just how far such emotions go.  Do horses on occasion have glimmerings of patriotic fervor?  Do dogs feel for humans something akin to religious ecstasy?  What other strong or subtle emotions are felt by animals that do not communicate with us?

Dear Book From The PicRow Library,

My friend and I, both self-proclaimed movie buffs, are in an extended argument about HD Video versus film.  He claims that I am living in the past, and that HD Video is going to overtake film with its capabilities.  I can’t help but believe that a medium as versatile and dynamic as film will thrive for years to come.  Can you help us settle this before our friendship begins to suffer?

–Frustrated in Fresno

Dear Frustrated,

In another case, a young American airman was injured in a mock duel with another serviceman, when a miniature fencing foil was plunged into his right nostril, puncturing a small part of the limbic system immediately above.  This resulted in a severe impairment of memory.  In addition, the accident seems to have rendered him both impotent and unresponsive to pain.  He once waked barefoot on the sun-heated metal deck of a cruise ship, without realizing that his feet were being badly burned until his fellow passengers complained of the uncomfortable odor of charring flesh.

Confidential to Heated in Hollywood–

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 76-53472, ISBN 0-345-26031-7. Published by Random House, Inc., May 1977