The thing is, even though we may feel overly cheesy, like snooty intellectuals when every other sentence that comes out of our mouths is “Did you read that article in the New York Times this week?” or “Did you read that New Yorker piece”— especially since we are Angelenos at heart—the honest-to-god truth is that these publications are unique in an era of the decline of trustworthy news sources.  Plus, don’t get us started on the fabulous talent coming out of there, ahem, ARIEL LEVY, ahem. And next week we will promise to quote NPR/KCRW which is always in our heads and our offices, but this week we just had to share this fabulous interactive piece on the web about NY coffee. yummmm! Stumptown (ok, portland coffee) and gimme coffee (i think that one is real nyc coffee), but let’s face it, we need an city of angels coffee snobbery map for Groundworks and Lamill and Intelligentsia. sigh. swoon. gulp. Coffee helps us get our work done, but good coffee helps us make it that much better.