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  • After a successful stint with MTV Europe where he created and released Crazy Monkey, a series of spots that quickly garnered an enthusiastic cult following throughout the world, Trevor Clarence launched into the world of advertising where he quickly skyrocketed to critical acclaim. Named one of the Top Five People in Advertising in South Africa by Shots Magazine, Trevor went on to win several Loeries. Though based in Sydney, Trevor works internationally.


    Picrow — Pictures in a Row — makes films, television, and commercials of all kinds. It’s a place where people think and talk about film — where Godard and Renoir matter and Jean Luc isn’t an interior designer.

    Of course it’s a tricky business, all this, but there is art in the business and that's that.

    736 Seward Street

    Hollywood CA 90038

    tel: 323.957.5400

    fax: 323.957.5405


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