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  • Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max make up the ingenious directing collective Fatal Farm: the creative and innovative minds behind several episodes of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele and most recently John Mayer’s viral music video for the single "New Light". AICP award winners, Fatal Farm has been crafting content for nearly two decades and has directed commercials for the likes of Little Caesars, The Container Store, IHOP, and the ever memorable Old Spice ads starring Terry Crews, for which they were shortlisted at Cannes. Zach and Jeffrey share a mutual affection for bizarre visual humor and surrealist comedy, evident in their work.


    Picrow — Pictures in a Row — makes films, television, and commercials of all kinds. It’s a place where people think and talk about film — where Godard and Renoir matter and Jean Luc isn’t an interior designer.

    Of course it’s a tricky business, all this, but there is art in the business and that's that.

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