Charles Son

Balance — lululemon

From the Marine Corps to a yoga mat.

Unforgettable Mansfield Family — Disney

A truly unforgettable moment. When Shaylee was 3 years old she discovered the magic of Disney when Tinkerbell greeted her in sign language.

Ronny Jockets — A Burger Joint

Check out the buns on Ronny!

Car Talk — Cars dot com

Propaganda for the impending technological singularity.

Gratitude — lululemon

Relax. Calm down. Tune in.

The Creative — Short Film

Ad agency guy is having a real bad day.

Urbanite Launch — Sennheiser

The ear in this spot weighed 200 pounds! Featuring the one and only Sonny Valicenti (before he became the BTK killer).

Rhine River — Adventures by Disney

Dramamine-induced docu-style filmmaking/adventuring down the most picturesque river in Europe.

Doritos Guy — Doritos

He's got a real chip on his shoulder.

Boom DC — Pizza Hut

We prepped and shot this commercial in 3 days.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe — Amazon Prime

Trying on clothes seemed to be the last line of defense for brick and mortar stores. Think again, bub. Amazon is coming, and they are going to change the retail experience forevermore.

Mickey World Tour Broadcast Sizzle Reel — Disney

The Hall circumnavigates the globe with well-known mouse. Click here to find out more.

Happy Birthday Mickey 2017 Campaign — Disney

What's it like to travel the world with Mickey Mouse? Watch this and find out.