Misko Iho is picrow’s new director! Tervetuloa! Tervetuloa!

Misko Iho

Misko won The Young Director’s Award, or so Peter likes to tell people, when in actuality he just made this spot for the award. Misko is a self-educated learn-as-you-go director from Finland who loves story telling and making films of any length. His other loves are dirt, night, shadows, rain, snow, dust, fog, weird characters, 14mm lens, unusual situations, pushing the limits, anything extraordinary, challenge, breaking the rules, hot sauna and jumping out of airplanes.  But when the picrow scribe got down and dirty with him he let his true colors shine, or rather, he shone with these photos of his free-time activities parachuting.

misko Iho

In addition to floating high above the ground, Misko’s favorite visual artist is Tarsem Singh—remember that amazing opening sequence ni the Namibian deserts in “The Cell”?  His favorite animal is, well what else, “probably something that flies” and his favorite picrow factoid has to do with our building’s famous history as housing early the early Monroe “Red Velvet” photo shoots.