So yes, we do want to know, NEED to know, what to do with oversized sweaters, metallic leggings, and hair accessories to best compliment our Brenda Walsh-inspired bangs this Fall. So, just like everyone else we tune into the website Who, What, Wear. And thankfully Resident stylistas Joe Remerowski and Scotty K (a.k.a. Scott Kassenoff) have made it much, much easier for us to get the fashion tips we have been craving! Joe and Scotty shot 6 webisodes for Who What Wear’s Schooled in Style series, with Joe, Jerry Pyle, Joel McWilliams, and Lisa Rucker on editorial and Adam working his usual magic graphics. Then to really ice our run walk, Joe continued to work his look, this time teaming-up with Ben Nussbaum to shoot 4 episodes of Ask a Stylist with Joe, Joel and Lisa on editorial, and Adam on graphics. And what can we say without sounding overly confident? I mean, it looks good.