Unlimited Pictures, sister company of Picrow, adds a new film to its lineup of active projects, as Peter Lang, Claire Best, and Diana Phillips take on executive producer roles for the British indie feature Starfish.

Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) will produce and star in the film alongside Tom Riley (Da Vinci's Demons). Starfish is based on the true-life story of Tom and Nicola Ray, a young couple who fought to keep their family together when Tom was diagnosed with a rare and life-changing illness.

The film is written and directed by Bill Clark (Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey), produced by Genesius Pictures in association with Unlimited Pictures of a Starfish Pictures Limited production with Origami Films Ltd, CrossDay and What's the Story.

Producers are Pippa Cross (Chalet Girl, Bloody Sunday), Mel Paton and Ros Hubbard (A Hundred Streets). Additional executive producer credits include Debbie Gray (Northern Soul), Robbie Little and Julian Gleek for Genesius Pictures, Graeme Ough, Janette Day and Paul Fullagar.

The film has just wrapped principal photography.