July ’03 Picrow Gazette

September ’03 Picrow Gazette

It wasn’t the first time something went awry with Picrow’s extensive location file system; when you have boxes upon boxes of photos, databases cross-refrencing one another, gigabytes of archived photoshop color corrections, all in service of finding that elusive, magical location for our client (that doesn’t appear in 50 other commercials) there are bound to be some hiccups. I mean, where does one put photos of the monastary high in the hills overlooking Big Sur? A category called “Religious Places”? Mountains? Big Sur itself? Northern California? All of them?

In fact, it has been the ongoing job of not one but three consecutive interns over the last two years to sort, file and otherwise make sense of these legions of locations so that we always have them at our disposal. In fact, while investigating interesting locales for an upcoming job in New York City, one file raised an eyebrow when Peter Lang promptly recognized it not as New York city proper but as the backlot recreation at one of the local studios, right here in LA! Yikes.

So it wasn’t a completly jaw-dropping experience when current location file overseer, Elke Taylor, while beginning her day the same as the one before and the one before that “buried in location files (photos to come)” discovered old Picrow Gazette editions, randomly shoved into a file for Trona Pinnacles, along with a few receipts for coffee, and a Fleetwood Mac CD.

Seeking out the ersatz newpaper’s intrepid editor and primary culprit for the paper’s pseudo-serious coverage of Picrow’s life and times, Jason House, Elke was promptly awarded a lifetime achievement statuette carved in Gregory Nussbaum’s likeness, and categorical credit for unearthing the previously-believed lost issues.
Check out the July ’03 edition here or the September ’03 one here .

And Jason promises to “discover” more lost issues real soon when there is time!