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Most of the days we reflect upon the pace of technological advancement it seems a steady workmanlike climb — then there are days you stumble upon a vista and gaze awestruck. No this isn’t cold fusion or personal jetpacks; but it IS the next best thing.  Yes I’m talking about extreme low-light sensitive HDDSLRs.

From Vincent Laforet’s Blog:

Here is the main point that I hope you take into account: the short film you are about to watch was shot in pretty much the very worst light that I could possibly find in an evening urban landscape.  I did not chose “pretty lighting” in a mall or under neon signs.  That would have been cheating in my book.

The short was shot near East 6th and Mateo St. in Los Angeles – in an industrial part of the city.   If you live in the area – go check out the area – you won’t believe the video you see below came from the poor lighting in that area.   Sodium and mercury vapor lights.   That’s it.  Really awful lighting.

To find out how they (Vincent Laforet, Stu Maschwitz, David Nelson) managed to do that check out the rest of his blog:

Vincent Laforet’s Blog.

They threw together something worthy in 72 hours with very short notice and Pictures in a Row’s Benjamin Nussbaum cut it into the stylish spot “Nocturne” featured below.  Let’s give our Benjamin Nussbaum a shameless plug:

From Stu Maschwitz’s blog at

It’s one thing to shoot a film in two nights, but its another thing entirely to post it in a week. Editor Benjamin Nussbaum at Pictures in a Row is a total rock star. He took our hectic collection of footage and made it sing. If you need your shit cut good, go to Pictures in a Row. Seriously.

The rest is at:

Stu’s Blog —

Kudos to Canon’s Curiously Capable Capturing Contraption as well!