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Tiffany Caprice Joins Picrow

April 16, 2017

We couldn't be happier to announce that Tiffany Caprice has joined the Picrow team as the Head of Marketing and New Business Development. Caprice comes to us by way of Sanford Casting and Dan Bell Cast. But she is no stranger; she previously assisted Picrow in casting the decade-long branding campaign for USAA Insurance and is now back to continue collaboration with our Founder/Director Peter Lang. Caprice is especially keen on working with our turnkey production collective The Hall.

Robotics Therapy in the Northeast

February 21, 2009

Picrow-ers went to New York and Boston this week to visit some rehab facilities that are using robotics therapy to help children with Cerebral Palsy. The first stop on the trip was the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. Here we met the two doctors involved with Lokomat trails, Dr. Paulo Bonato and Dr. Ben Patritti. The Lokomat, as they explained it, is used to help perform therapy on the lower extremities. It is robot-assisted walking therapy. The children that we met seemed to greatly benefit from using the Lokomat—one girl, Allie, went from using a walker to being able to use crutches, and another boy, Evan, learned to walk without the use of his crutches. We also spoke with Dr. Donna Nimec, a specialist in this field, who told us that she was initially skeptical about the usefulness of the machine, but after using the Lokomat herself and seeing the results with the patients, she became a convert. The parents that we spoke with were all very pleased with the increased mobility of their children thanks to the Lokomat, and they expressed and desire for more of them in more locations. But before our departure, the Spaulding Rehabilitation folks showed us another therapy machine, the Armeo, which is currently being used only on adults. The Armeo is an task-oriented therapy robot to help gain control of the upper extremities. It is currently mostly used in stroke patients, but with more research they are hopeful that the Armeo can be used to help kids with Cerebral Palsy as well.

The next stop on our trip was the Burke Rehabilitation Center in White Plains, NY. Burke had a large array of therapy robots, the histories of which we had the privilege of learning about from Dr. Bruce Volpe. From Burke we went to the Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Westchester, NY. Here we met with Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs, winner of the 2009 Isabelle and Leonard H. Goldenson Technology and Rehabilitation Award, who was involved in some of the early studies of robotics therapy. Krebs collaborated with Dr. Fletcher McDowell and Dr. Mindy Aisen in robotics therapy’s early days to stuff rehabilitation in stroke patients. Based on the success of their initial work, they moved on to try robotics therapy for people with similar impairments, such as children with cerebral palsy.

At Blythedale we also met with Dr. Joelle Mast who filled us in on some current studies that were being conducted with the MIT Manus, which focuses on therapy for the arm. Finally, we caught-up with Dr. McDowell to learn a little more about how robotics came into use. McDowell got his inspiration from an article he had read about a doctor who had suffered a stoke and felt that when his arm was moved repetitively for a long period of time, he would start to feel like he could move it himself. After hearing about the robotics being developed to do just these sorts of movement repetitions, McDowell got involved in studies on stroke patients at Burke Rehabilitation Center.

Last but not least we met with Paul Volcker, the CPIRF Chairman of the Board and former chairman of the Federal Reserve, to talk about his personal relationship to Cerebral Palsy. Volcker’s son has cerebral palsy as well as four of his grandchildren, and because of this he remains deeply committed to robotics research.

Director Peter Lang with Michael, future cameraman

Director Peter Lang with Michael, future cameraman

Lisa Rucker Trying Out the Robotics Equipment

Lisa Rucker Trying Out the Robotics Equipment

Picrow and the Cerebral Palsy Staff at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center

Picrow and the Cerebral Palsy Staff at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center

Volcker, Chairman of the Board of CPRH and Peter Lang, Director, Discuss Robotics Technology

Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Board of CPIRF, and Peter Lang, Director, talk about the importance of robotics research

Lego art

February 6, 2009

07manhattanChristoph Niemann’s lego art “Abstract City” was featured in the NY Times this week! He takes legos and re-imagines them as part of the New York cityscape! It is brilliant in it’s simplicity!

I charge all Picrowers to make simple lego art in some way representing Picrow!

Listen, I know you are capable. In fact, I have a distinct memory of one Zach Brewer Ball in 9th grade making a video reinterpretation of Homer’s The Odyssey with Star-Wars -themed music and LEGOS boats and sirens. So, I at least expect a submission from him!

Inauguration Morning

January 20, 2009

It is as if The New York Times were reading our minds! This is like a Pictures in a Row does Obama spread. Basically, NYT put out a call for photographs commemorating Obama’s inauguration. The pictures they received truly run the gamut from people present at the inauguration to people holding babies up to signs that say Obama or holding puppies against the TV screen. We love it!


Also, here is our humble Picrow celebration of the inauguration.  We are workaholics, but we are also rediscovering our patriotism–once lost, now found!

Frame and Film Curriculum

January 12, 2009

avid bye bye

David Frame has just finished post on the second curriculum package DVD for the Story of Movies–part of The Film Foundation that puts together classic movie curriculums for in-depth study of  fine classic films. Congratulations Mr. Frame.

p.s. Say Goodbye to David Frame’s Avid as it is sadly wheeled out the Picrow office door.

New Year! New Success!

January 9, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS JULIAN LANG! Today he received The Student of the Month Award! He clearly deserves it and we are beyond proud—plus a little jealous.

Joyeux Joyeux

December 24, 2008

Holidaze are upon us. As we gear up for the new year we all just wanted to wish you a fabulous 2009 and thank all the picrow-ers and friends for a great oh eight! Picrow party pictures to come…

Moon and Stars

December 1, 2008

Venus, Jupiter, and the smiling moon were out in full force tonight. They could be seen all over the world huddled together and shining brightly. Kate Montgomery (Monty) went up to Griffith Park after work to try and take some pictures of them, but they had started to be cloud covered. However the pictures she took ain’t too shabby.


November 24, 2008

In Portland,OR for the holiday and we see a FELT!!! table setting. How beautiful is this!?! It inspires us to want to start crafting away. What else are we supposed to do with ourselves as we pretend to enjoy the company of others? Oh, maybe we are supposed to actually enjoy the company of others.

Jaguar Ads. Gone but not forgotten!

September 17, 2008

It is true that once upon a time we did a flashy shoot for Jaguar. There were lights, cameras, and actions. But mostly there were lights and fast cars. Truly my favorite thing about these pictures is the lights. Did I mention that? The silver car with the criss-cross Hollywood searchlight format hit the Beverly Center with a vengance. Here are some of the pictures we took. Do you like?


The Billboard at the Beverly Center




The Sunset Bus passes under our Jaguar ad!